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Trial Date set and my need to cook returns

Pretty much since May when my communication broke down completely with both the victim’s advocate and the prosecutor for my sister’s murder trial, with the prosecutor telling me she didn’t have “any legal responsibility to share any information about the trial with me” and leaving a highly unprofessional voice message to me, I’ve been in a holding pattern. Scared and disgusted by the behavior of the prosecutor and her underlings and yes still determined to be there to represent my sister and all that she lost when she was murdered in cold blood.

Finally in August through checking the court website, I’ve got a date that the murder trial will start but being like most sane average people having no experience with the court system let alone a murder trial, I have no idea how the process works.

I get the feeling for the prosecutor who has never left the state she grew up in and ended up getting her law degree at a local fundamentalist ultra conservative school that has barely managed to hold on to it’s accreditation that is just another job for her. It’s clear she relishes punishing people and gets off on having power over someone’s freedom but I get the feeling that the victims don’t even matter to her. She is like chefs that are so in love with culinary technique that they don’t even think about whether anyone will enjoy eating their food and often don’t even think about the diners at all. Sometimes those chefs are brilliant and people flock to their restaurants inspite of their behavior and sometimes they are brilliant flops able to convince some investors but always blaming outside forces for their lack of success. I am hoping with every ounce of my being that the prosecutor will the former and not the latter. I can stand any personal injustice from this loathsome person if she is indeed about to convict on what is practically an open and shut case.


About deathandfood

just an average guy whose sister was murdered two months ago and has decided to make food to deal with it.

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